Stipe Miocic Aims for Redemption Against Jon Jones in UFC 295 Showdown

Former Heavyweight Champion Ready to Defy the Odds in Highly Anticipated Bout

Throughout his storied career, Stipe Miocic has often been cast as the underdog, but there’s something unique about his upcoming title bout against Jon Jones at UFC 295.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the former UFC heavyweight champion has been absent from the octagon for over two years, with his last fight ending in a brutal knockout loss to Francis Ngannou in 2021. Additionally, Miocic recently celebrated his 41st birthday, and as history has shown, age can level the playing field even for the most exceptional fighters in the sport.

As the showdown with Jon Jones draws near, oddsmakers currently favor Jones as a 4-to-1 favorite to emerge victorious. However, Miocic remains unfazed by the skeptics and naysayers.

“It took me a couple of fights, but after a while, I just stopped caring what everyone thought,” Miocic stated in an interview with “I just don’t care anymore.

“You think I’m going to lose? Good for you. You’re going to waste a lot of money now. You’re going to bet against me, you’re going to lose some money. Sorry for that, but onto the next.”

In his preparations to face Jones, Miocic has intensified his training regimen by focusing on adding size and strength to his frame. He entered the scales at 234 pounds for his previous bout against Ngannou, giving up nearly 30 pounds to the Cameroonian powerhouse. Miocic has learned from that experience and is determined not to be outsized again. To that end, he has concentrated on adding extra pounds to his physique before heading to New York for the November showdown.

“I used to be around 240-ish, and the [Daniel Cormier] fights, I just kept losing weight,” Miocic explained. “I don’t know. I was eating a ton of food, I just kept losing it.

“So we changed some things up in my camp and I’m eating a lot more and doing the right things. I’m definitely over 240, so 245 [pounds].”

When it comes to analyzing his skills against Jones inside the octagon, Miocic recognizes that he is facing a fighter often hailed as the greatest of all time. Jones boasts an unblemished record, with his sole loss coming via disqualification. He has defeated eight former champions or interim titleholders in the UFC, making him a formidable opponent.

However, Miocic has never been one to shy away from a challenge or be intimidated by any opponent throughout his illustrious career, and this fight is no different.

“I feel strong, I feel good,” Miocic said. “You get some bumps and bruises along the way, but it’s training camp. Honestly, I feel great. My head’s right where I need it to be. I have a great team with me, we have a great team. At the gym and at home, I’m very lucky.

“[I think] my speed, my angles [and] I think punching power [will give him problems]. I hit a lot harder than people think. I think I have a great IQ. I always change it up, and when something happens, I’ll figure a way out.”

Leading up to the event, there has been speculation that this bout could potentially mark Miocic’s retirement, regardless of the outcome. However, Miocic remains tight-lipped about such rumors. For now, his sole focus is on adding another chapter to his storied legacy by recapturing the UFC heavyweight title and defeating arguably the greatest fighter in MMA history.

“[This fight means] everything,” Miocic emphasized. “I think this is what it’s all about. It’s what the fans want to see. It’s a fight he wanted, a fight I wanted. Two of the best going at it, nothing gets better than that.”




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