Sep 9, 2023; Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA; Sean Strickland reacts during his fight with Israel Adesanya in UFC 293 at Qudos Bank Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Champ Strickland Exposes Fighter Pay! What He Revealed Will Shock You!

From $500 earnings to the harsh reality of UFC fighters: Strickland speaks out in a controversial interview.

UFC Middleweight Champ Strickland Opens Up on Fighter Pay; Comments Stir Controversy

LOS ANGELES – UFC Middleweight Champion, Sean Strickland, made waves during a live broadcast from Professional Bull Riders, raising concerns over fighter pay and the challenges many fighters face in their UFC careers.

In the midst of the broadcast, Strickland questioned the early-day earnings of UFC Hall of Famer, Don Frye, shedding light on the comparatively modest wages during the initial years of UFC. To Strickland’s query, Frye revealed his earnings stood at a mere $500, while tournament winners pocketed $50,000.

Strickland, not one to hold back, commented on the present-day earnings of fighters, saying,

“They make five and five. If they lose, they make five.”

Expounding on the journey of MMA fighters, Strickland emphasized the sacrifice and dedication it takes, only to potentially end up earning a fraction of what other professionals make in different fields.

While he acknowledged his own financial success in the UFC, Strickland’s candid comments offered a sobering perspective on the challenges many face in the sport. He added,

“So now you’re a 24-year-old man looking yourself in the mirror saying, ‘I spent my entire life doing this one thing and I’ve made $24,000, or $60,000. What do I do now? You go teach cardio kickboxing.”

Strickland’s frank discussion abruptly concluded on the UFC Fight Pass YouTube channel, though he managed to share more of his thoughts on his Instagram, questioning the end of his live segment, and highlighting the broader issue of wage disparities in various industries

The UFC has yet to comment on Strickland’s statements. The link to the full interview can be found on UFC Fight Pass.

Don Frye: Earned $500 during UFC’s early days.
Tournament winners: Earned $50,000.

“I spent my entire life doing this one thing and I’ve made $24,000, or $60,000. What do I do now? You go teach cardio kickboxing,” stated Strickland.

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