Sean Strickland’s Raw Approach to Sparring

Enjoying the hurt, lacking respect

Former UFC champion Sean Strickland recently stirred controversy with a sparring session video that went too far, leaving influencer and amateur boxer Sneako bloody after a training session at the UFC Performance Institute. Known as “Tarzan,” Strickland’s aggressive behavior isn’t new, rooted in childhood trauma that shaped his outlook on life. He openly admits enjoying hurting people, a stance that doesn’t extend to respected peers like “Cowboy” Cerrone. This aggressiveness contrasts with his technical fighting style, where he relies on his jab to score points.

Strickland’s Respect Through Aggression

While Strickland reserves his aggression for those he feels haven’t earned respect, his sparring sessions are notoriously intense, even with professional partners. This aggression starkly contrasts his calculated approach in the octagon.

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“I’m not a good man,” said Sean Strickland on YouTube. “I like to hurt people. We all know this. I’ve never tried to hide it.”

“When you spar me, you have to understand that I want to hurt you – but it’s also respect.”

“When you spar these guys (influencers) who want to spar, there’s no respect, you haven’t earned it. You haven’t proved that you deserve not to get hurt.”


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