Will Peter Sobotta Wear A Jamaican Fight Kit Against Jamaican-Born Leon Edwards?

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Leon Edwards says it will be a 'little odd' to see Peter Sobotta wear the Jamaican UFC Fight Kit Again For UFC London

The story of Peter Sobotta wearing the UFC fight kit for Jamaican fighters could take an odd twist at UFC Fight Night London on March 17 when he takes on a fighter who was originally born in the country.

Sobotta will take on Leon Edwards in 6 weeks time and while Edwards will be wearing the blue, red and Black Great Britain fight kit, he was originally born in Kingston, Jamaica before moving to Birmingham, England where he grew up.

Speaking to MMAytt.com earlier this week, Edwards admitted it will be a little strange seeing Sobotta wearing the colour of Jamaica should he choose to do so again.

“It’s a little odd isn’t it,” Edwards said with a laugh. “I’ve not really thought about it to be honest, but now you say it, yeah it’s going to be odd.

“I’m not sure quite why he does it. I think I saw an interview with him talking about and he just said he believed in the ‘One Love’ stuff. I guess I’ll know how I feel if it happens.”

Sobotta first wore the Jamaican fight kit back at UFC Fight Night 109 when he faced and defeated Nicolas Dalby. As Edwards identified, the Polish-German fighter said in the post-fight press conference that he chose to do it to send the message of “One Love” to the world, but prior to the fight he also said at the pre-fight media day that he didn’t like choosing between wearing a Polish fight kit or a German one.

Whatever the case, Edwards doesn’t seemed to be too bothered. According to the UTC man, he’s going to have way too much for Sobotta to deal with on March 17 and he’s hunting a finish.

“I respect him and I know that he’s been around for a fair time,” Edwards said. “He isn’t on my level though. I’m better than him everywhere. I’m going to finish him and make a big statement.

“I’m getting on that microphone afterwards and I’ll call someone out. I’ll talk s*** and I’ll do what it takes. First though I’m going to beat Sobotta and there isn’t anything he can do about it.”



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