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Nate Diaz to miss UFC 244? “I won’t be competing”

While Nat Diaz is usually full of surprises, his current claims that he's going to miss UFC 244 are the most bizarre yet

Is Nate Diaz out of UFC 244? It would seem like it, according to him, but this strange story is still developing.

While scheduled to face Jorge Masvidal in the main event for UFC 244, Diaz just recently laid out a bombshell on Twitter. He claims he’s not going to be heading out to New York City, where the bout takes place. This is, supposedly, due to him being flagged and suspended by USADA on account of a test result. He maintains his innocence however.

“I’m not gonna make it out to NYC for fight week next week because they say I tested with elevated levels that they say might be from some tainted supplements.” Nate Diaz explained. “I call false on that cause I only take Whole Food or natural food supplements. I don’t even eat meat! So unit UFC, USADA or whoever is FUCKING with me fixes it, I won’t be competing. I’m not gonna play their game and try and hit it or keep quiet, as they suggested. I’m not going to have my name tainted as a cheater like these other motherfuckers who keep quiet until after the fight so they can get paid. Fuckin cheaters.I don’t give a fuck about some money over my dignity and my legacy. I’m not staying quiet and figuring it out after the fight. That’s cheating. So fight game, I’ll see you when I see you. The realest baddest mother fucker in the game.”

We are still awaiting word from USADA, but most likely the anti-doping agency wont release any public statement yet.

According to reports, Leon Edwards may step in as a replacement, but as of now nothing is certain, and the story is developing.

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