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✔ “don’t let these motherfuckers tell you ain’t shit"

Leon Edwards defeated Nate Diaz by unanimous decision this weekend but is still considered one of UFC 263 biggest losers. Because despite the fact that “Rocky” Edwards is now undefeated in ten fights, Diaz is instead raised to the skies for the entertaining five-rounder. Edwards will also not get a title shot and is now in a strange position in his career. What may help him, however, is the advice he received from Nate Diaz in the cage.


Nate told me after the fight “don’t let these motherfuckers tell you ain’t shit name your price or they will name it for you” and I felt that – Edwards wrote on twitter

Diaz has become a somewhat odd UFC profile outside the establishment. Much like his rival Conor McGregor, Diaz has come to dictate the terms of his career. When he did not get what he wanted, he has chosen to instead pause his career and say that he does not intend to continue competing. Paradoxically, Diaz has also not managed to line up an impressive winning streak but has instead lost three of his last four matches. Edwards, in turn, has not even lost three fights in the UFC.

Is Leon Edwards in a position to demand anything from the UFC?

UFC pay have become a hot topic of conversation and many of the organization’s biggest names have come to vent their thoughts. Some of them have also ended up in a power struggle with the UFC that has affected their careers.

The most prominent example is the ex-champion Jon Jones who openly asked for more money for a potential supermatch against the heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Even top-ranked middleweight Paulo Costa has come to criticize the world-leading MMA organizations for their way of doing business. In Costa’s case, it led to him withdrawing from a scheduled main match. At the same time, it is starting to get closer to a year since he last competed.

In Edward’s case, he will not get the next title shot and he will not advance in the UFC’s official rankings. He still holds third place with Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington ahead of him. Given that Burns is scheduled to fight Stephen Thompson in July and Covington is expected to get the next title shot later this year, it leaves little room for Leon to fight upwards in the rankings.

A possible match that would give Edwards another chance to build his name would be a meeting against superstar Jorge Masvidal. They have a past and it’s also a match that the UFC boss said he’s interested in.


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