Molotov Attack on Conor McGregor’s Pub

✔ Targeted with Petrol Bombs ✔ Black Forge Inn

One of McGregor’s most recent outside-the-cage business ventures is the Black Forge Inn. He reportedly paid $2.75 million for the property. Not unexpectedly, the pub has a large selection of McGregor’s Irish whiskey, Proper No. Twelve, which was named after the Crumlin (12) postal district in Dublin, where he grew up. In the same neighbourhood, you’ll find the Black Forge Inn.

The Black Forge Inn was reportedly targeted with “petrol bombs,” also known as Molotov cocktails, which are often glass bottles filled with a gas and oil mixture and tossed after a wick is lighted.

The tavern, which McGregor purchased in 2019, was not damaged and is still open, according to the article. The Black Forge Inn confirmed in a statement to The Mirror that McGregor was not there at the time of the event and that an investigation has been launched by the Irish police – the gardai.

“After hours (Wednesday) it appears that criminals made an unprovoked effort to inflict damage to the Black Forge Inn,” the statement to The Mirror reads. “There was no damage done to any patrons, employees or the Forge and Mr. McGregor was not on the premises at the time of the incident. The gardai have opened an investigation into the event. We are open and busy as always.”

According to the news outlet Mirror, police are hunting for CCTV footage of two individuals allegedly spotted riding a scooter near the pub moments before the incident. Two other Molotov cocktails were reportedly discovered near the area.

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