Molly McCann Says It Will Be ‘An Absolute Shame’ If More Scousers Don’t Get To Fight On UFC Liverpool

The UFC Liverpool card is filling up fast and Molly McCann thinks it's a shame that more Liverpudlians aren't getting the opportunity to fight.

The first ever UFC event in Liverpool will take place on May 27 and at this time only one Liverpudlian has been announced for the card.

Darren Till is expected to face Stephen Thompson in the main event, but him aside no other fighters from Liverpool have yet got the nod. Cage Warriors women’s flyweight champion Molly McCann was one the fighters expected to be in with a shout and her fans on social media have been making the UFC matchmakers well aware that she is deserving of the opportunity.

Speaking backstage this past weekend at Cage Warriors 92 ‘Super Saturday,’ McCann gave an update on her status for UFC Liverpool and said that her camp has been in contact with the UFC.

“I know we’ve reached out to them,” McCann said.

“When the card was announced, Graham [Boylan] was told ‘we want these boys’ and I know Graham said ‘well I assume you want Molly then?’

“I know they said the division is full at 125, so wait until there’s a cut. That was on the Friday, but then on the Monday it was ‘if there is a way we can find room on the card then we will see if we can make it happen.’

“I’ll be ready and If it comes, it comes. It would be the icing on the cake and what a journey it would be, but what’s good for me won’t pass me by so if the fans keep on talking about it, Mick Maynard is the number one person watching my Instagram story every day so I know all eyes are on me.

“I’m just out here being me and if they want me on it then what will be will be.”

With her teammate Paddy Pimblett this weekend announcing that he had re-signed for Cage Warriors and that he wasn’t interested in being on the card, the options for an increased presence of Liverpudlian fighters took a big hit. Whilst the options may be limited, McCann is perplexed why the UFC would switch the show from Dublin to Liverpool and then choose not to call people like herself up.

“When it got released, it was like ‘whoomph,’ my social media when off its head like I’d just been announced as the main event,” McCann said.

“I think it’s pretty well known that there aren’t too many scousers other than Darren Till who have been announced on the card, but like, most of yous have said in here, if no other scousers get on the card it’s an absolute shame.

“Why come to Liverpool? Why not just keep it in Dublin? If there were no Irish people to be on the card? Why move it to Liverpool and then put no scousers on the card?

“It’s beyond me. I’m going to beg for a seat at the table when I know I am the table.”

“If they come then great, but I’m at Cage Warriors and the goal was to retain the belt in September, but the opportunity and prestige to fight in front of my people and in front of a bit more of an audience this time, I just want to do my city proud and do female MMA proud.

“I want to be a positive role model and I want people to think, ‘you know what? This girl said she was going to do big things and she’s gone out and done it.”’

Watch the full interview:

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