Michael ‘Venom’ Page On Dillon Danis: ‘He’s Got 15-Minutes Of Fame, But All That Can Quickly Go Away’

Michael 'Venom' Page has weighed in on Dillon Danis' Bellator MMA debut this weekend.

Dillon Danis will make his long awaited Bellator MMA debut this weekend at Bellator 198 in Chicago and it’s got the MMA world talking about what we can expect to see from the multiple time jiu-jitsu champion.

Danis has made no secret about how confident he feels heading into the fight and he’s not shied away from letting everyone know on social media about how he plans to dominate the Bellator roster.

One man who could well be fighting in Danis’ weight class should the American make the step down to the 170lbs is Michael ‘Venom’ Page. Speaking to MMANytt.com earlier today, Page said that Danis has done a good job at getting attention for his debut this weekend.

“In all fairness, I have paid too much attention, but I see that he’s been running his mouth,” Page said.

“I feel like everyone is trying to be a superstar and utilise hype and the media and like social media.

“To be fair he’s ticked one box before he’s even got into the cage. He’s done well on the hype side and giving himself that kind of attention.”

Danis’ fighting style will likely lean heavily towards his jiu-jitsu base, but Page isn’t quite so sure that it’s going to be a recipe for success. The Brit believes that a lot lies on how well the American has been able to upskill in other areas and that his jiu-jitsu game could go out the window if he gets caught with a punch that he’s not used to taking.

“In terms of his fighting, jiu-jitsu, it really depends, I haven’t paid much attention to like his style or his opponents, but nowadays there are some many styles of jiu-jitsu that back in the day, that Gracie generation has changed so much.

“There’s so many different styles now that jiu-jitsu often gets cancelled out a lot. I think his other game is going to have to stand out and in a fight you never know what that’s going to entail.

“He might be an amazing guy in jiu-jitsu, but he could take one punch and his jiu-jitsu goes out the window and he then can’t strike and he can’t wrestle properly, but until I see that, you never know really.

“Of course, it’s also down to what opponent that they give him.”

Page believes that the proof is going to be in the pudding on Saturday night and that we will only truly know what Danis can bring to the table when he has his first fight. With Garry Tonon setting the bar high following his MMA debut last month in ONE Championship, Danis certainly has a lot of expectations to live up to and Page says it’s sink or swim time for Danis.

“I think he’s smart in the sense that he’s given himself a wave already before he even steps in the cage,” Page said.

“He’s got 15-minutes of fame, but all that attention can very quickly go if he gets knocked out or if he just has a very bad performance.

“I don’t want to judge him too much until I see him, but he calls out a lot of random people and saying he’s going to own this and that, but at the end of the day he’s learned from some of the best in the game for hype.

“We all know he can talk, but if he can’t back it up then all that just doesn’t mean anything.”

Listen to what Page had to say here:

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