Michael Page Says ‘Joke’ Paul Daley Has To Put His Whole Purse On The Line If They Fight

Michael Page says Paul Daley will have to put his whole purse on the line if they are to ever fight.

The latest chapter of the long and storied feud between Michael Page and Paul Daley has been written and it appears we’re still a long way off from the fight ever happening.

Page, who defeated Dave Rickels this past Friday at Bellator 200, featured on ‘The MMA Hour’ last evening and asked about a potential showdown with his fellow Brit later this year. The London Shootfighters man didn’t rule out the possibility of the fight taking place, but said that he’s grown very tired of seeing contracts with Daley’s name on it.

“I’ll never say it’s dead because I’m happy to fight anybody,” Page said. “It’s just that it comes up, it comes up, and it comes up again and I’m just like, I’m not sure if you’ve seen and understood what’s happened from the beginning, but I’ve had contracts. I’ve signed contracts for this guy a countless amount of times now and having someone be disrespectful about you that way and still not want to fight you. Then call you out and still not want to fight you, and then call you out again and still not want to fight you, it’s tiring. I feel like I don’t have that same fire like I did. It was personal, but I don’t feel like I have that same fire as I did before.”

Suffice to say, all love has been lost between the British pair. Page noted the fact that Daley had the choice between fighting himself at Bellator 200 or Jon Fitch at Bellator 199 and said that he chose the fight with Fitch knowing exactly what he was getting into.

“I see him as a it of a joke,” Page said. “He’s lost a hell of a lot of respect. We can have all our little back and forths with each other, but regardless, even when there’s a lot of heat in the moments, fighters can still respect each other, but I just genuinely don’t respect him. I have zero respect for this man and the way that he’s conducted himself.

“It seems ridiculously childish and it is childish. It shows me where the Paul Daley that we used to see, that we saw in the UFC sucker punching after a fight is still the Paul Daley that stands before us today. He hasn’t grown at all. Years have gone past and he’s still the same person. This fight should’ve happened. If you think about it, he bragged about having two contracts in front of him. One being myself and one being Jon Fitch. He decided to take the wrestler and then complain about being wrestled in his own fight, booing himself whilst getting punched in the face, and not take the fight two weeks later that would’ve made way more sense in terms of what everybody wanted and what he wanted as a style, not being wrestled and wanting to stand on his feet and strike and prove who is the best striker.”

Having been beaten by Fitch, Page believes Daley now sees a fight between the pair of them as one of the few big fights left out there for him. He also laid down a stipulation where he would consider taking a fight with him and he it involves Daley putting his whole fight purse on the line.

“Yeah, there are just so many things and I just don’t take him seriously anymore,” Page said. “Him calling me out now, it just feels like a get out of jail free card because he lost that fight and he needs something to push himself back into the limelight in order to prove himself f to be worthy of me. If you do that then yeah we can fight, but I genuinely do not give a crap about this guy and I do not care to show him any respect. I’m not saying no to this fight because if this MVP steps inside that cage with him, it would be a bad night for Paul Daley. The last time I spoke with you I also said if I was to fight him, I don’t want him to be able to feed his kids after so he has to put it all on the table. If he really does want this fight now then he needs to prove it one way or the other.”

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