Michael Page Fully Expecting Paul Daley Showdown Will Happen In London In Late 2018

Michael Page is expecting his showdown with Paul Daley to happen later this year in London.

Hold on to your caps folks, the much anticipated showdown between Michael Page and Paul Daley looks very likely to happen this year.

Earlier this month, Bellator MMA announced that Page would be part of the 10-man welterweight grand prix tournament that will start in Sept. this year. Daley was noticeably absent from the original set of participants, but after another period of negotiating he signed on the dotted line to compete in the tournament.

Speaking with MMANytt.com earlier this week, Page said he’s fully expecting Daley to be his first round opponent and that he’s expecting it to take place in the UK.

“I’m still waiting to get confirmation on everything and I’m not entirely sure yet,” Page said. “Either way, in my head I’m in the tournament and he’s my next opponent. It’s definitely going to be in the UK because it’s something I’ve mentioned. It can’t be in the States because it wouldn’t make any sense at all.

“That fight by itself is going to be one of the most spoken about fights for a while. You rarely get two UK fighters that can create this kind of noise. It has to be in the UK and it will be sometime this year. The tournament itself kicks off in September so I’m sure it’s going to be far long after that.”

Whilst there are several locations in the UK where the fight could take place, London is the obvious choice given Bellator have hosted shows their for the last three years running. In Page’s mind at least, London is the place that the Daley fight has to happen.

“This is definitely a London fight,” Page said. “There’s no point, the fact is he’s main evented there twice now for Bellator and it’s definitely going to be … it 100-percent has to be a London fight, at the O2 or Wembley, I don’t see it being anywhere else, in my opinion. I doubt they’d put it up north.”

In an age where a lot of fighters feuds are fabricated, this one between Page and Daley is anything but. The London Shootfighters man says the bad blood between them is as real as it gets and it won’t be over until they settle it inside the Bellator cage.

“I hate the guy, I don’t like him at all,” Page said bluntly. “I think he’s an absolute p****, d***head, what ever other disrespectful word you want to put in there, just throw it in, I don’t like him. I’ve got zero respect for him and especially the way he’s gone about this. Literally, like I said, when this first all came about I spoke to you about this before, it’s purely because he started badmouthing me, or just being disrespectful.

“I know he’s a bit of a character and a bit of a loudmouth, but I find it funny how he’s never said it whilst I’ve been sat next to him. I don’t think I’d even be that annoyed if he was sat next to me being the Paul Daley that I’ve seen before and he was running his mouth. At least then it was on even ground and I get a chance to respond. When you’re just doing it randomly on other peoples websites, it’s uncalled for and unnecessary. I thought we had different respect levels, but I’ve got zero respect for him. I can’t wait to take his head off.”

Such is Page’s distain with Daley, he’s saying that by the time he’s finished with him, Daley will want to retire. Page believes that him beating Daley will not only signal the end of their rivalry, but Daley’s career altogether.

“I find the more experienced fighters the more predictable and it’s going to look like my last fight,” Page said. “I will dissect him and when I do knock him down he’s a person I won’t let get back up. I’ll be on top of him and I’ll show everyone a different side of me.

“I just look forward to doing that and shutting him up. At this point he will have nothing to say. He should hang up his gloves because no one will be interested in him anymore.”

There’s been years of talk between both Page and Daley, but the talking looks soon to be coming to an end. Page had one final message for his rival; sign on the dotted line.

“Just sign the contract and stop talking now,” Page said. “Let’s get this episode over and done with. I’m tried hearing him talk.

“Once I finish him it will be game over. No more talking. He will get zero publicity from me after that.”

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