Michael Bisping: ‘CM Punk vs Floyd Mayweather, Won’t Happen, But if it does, Mayweather wins’

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping would pick Floyd Mayweather to beat CM Punk if they fought in MMA.

The thought of CM Punk fighting Floyd Mayweather in the UFC Octagon sends a shiver down the spine of most MMA fans, but the idea has been mooted in the past few weeks and there’s no escaping the fact that it would draw big numbers.

Despite the high unlikelihood that the bout takes places, betting lines opened last week and CM Punk is currently a -220 favourite against the unbeaten 50-0 world champion boxer. Speaking this week on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast, Michael Bisping explained why despite his own doubt, the fight could happen.

“That’s a fight that could potentially make sense,” Bisping said. “For Floyd Mayweather [it] could somewhat be alluring, it could somewhat be exciting. If they were to give, oh and by the way, this is all assumption, if, and it’s a big if, there was some reality or any truth to Floyd Mayweather fighting CM Punk in an Octagon, that would only be to build up towards a Conor McGregor rematch. They would have to give him a couple of fights, let him get his feet wet and learn a little bit of takedown defence and all that stuff, to build up to that. Of course, CM Punk only had one MMA fight, loss to our guy Mickey Gall and you know, got taken down and I think it was a rear-naked choke pretty quick.

“Dana White said on UFC Tonight that CM Punk is getting another fight and there’s a big fight card coming up in Chicago which is his hometown so it kinda makes sense. Floyd Mayweather vs CM Punk, that’s more on a level and that’s crazy because Floyd is a 50-0 boxer and fought the highest levels of the sport and has been undefeated for so long, but still in MMA he’s going to be an amateur. That would make sense even though CM Punk is a lot bigger, but I still see Floyd Mayweather beating CM Punk.”

If the fight did take place, Bisping wouldn’t need to be asked twice about who he think would win. The Brit made it very clear why Mayweather would have big advantages heading into the bout and why he would beat the former WWE man.

“Floyd Mayweather could certainly knock him out,” Bisping said. “Here’s the thing, if you’re are a boxer to the level of ability of Floyd Mayweather, the one thing that is guaranteed is that you have fantastic footwork. If you have fantastic footwork and you built a career on not getting hit, Floyd Mayweather built his career on not getting hit and that’s what was so impressive about him, he’s still so eloquently spoken after all of these years.

“He could dance around that Octagon and stay away from any half assed takedown attempts that Phil Brooks would try. I’m not saying that as a hater to Phil Brooks, that’s just my perspective and I don’t see Phil Brooks taking him down and Mayweather is going to beat him on the feet, come on.”

Whilst happy to provide his perspective on the prospect of the two fighting, Bisping made it abundantly clear that talking about it wasn’t something he enjoyed doing.

“I don’t want to waste any more time talking about f***ing CM Punk vs Floyd Mayweather, it’s not going to happen, and if it does happen, Mayweather wins. But even still, I feel really, I feel like a piece of me is dying inside even discussing this.”

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