Merab Dvashvili Has Appeal Denied by New Jersey Commission Over Loss to Ricky Simon

Merab Dvalishvili will still have a loss on his record to Ricky Simon after the New Jersey athletic commission denied his appeal following the UFC Fight Night card in Atlantic City.

Merab Dvalishvili will not have his loss to Ricky Simon overturned.

On Friday,  the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board released a statement denying Dvalishvili’s appeal after he disagreed with the decision in his bout at UFC Fight Night in Atlantic City.

Following a strong start to the fight, Dvalishvili found himself caught in a guillotine choke courtesy of Simon late in the final round. Dvalishvili did his best to break free from the choke, but he ended up with Simon mounted on top of him, trying to finish the submission.

While Dvalishvili was kicking his legs and trying to resist the submission, as time expired Simon released the choke and it appeared his opponent remained unconscious for a split second.

That was enough for referee Liam Kerrigan to declare the fight a TKO win for Simon with his opponent unconscious from the choke when time expired on the clock.

Afterwards, Dvalishvili and his team immediately filed an appeal in New Jersey to try and have the decision overturned but ultimately their request was denied and the win for Simon was upheld.

“In summary, I do not find that Mr. Kerrigan committed a self-evident and palpable error; or even any error which comes close to that standard,” Commissioner Larry Hazzard wrote in his decision. “Solely because a decision is disputed does not make such facially incorrect.”

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