Megan Anderson Shoots Down Rumored Fight Against Cris Cyborg at UFC 221

Megan Anderson says she's never been offered a fight against Cris Cyborg at UFC 221

Megan Anderson is calling ‘fake news’ on UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg.

On Wednesday, Cyborg posted a fight photo opposite the former Invicta FC champion saying that she’s been asked and accepted a matchup with her for the upcoming UFC 221 card in Perth, Australia on Feb. 10. Obviously, Cyborg’s post was just her own revelation without the UFC ever corroborating the information much less announcing the fight was actually happening.

Late Wednesday night, Anderson responded with her own post about the proposed fight and confirmed that the UFC is interested in making the matchup but she’s never been offered a showdown with Cyborg on Feb. 10.

With the upcoming UFC 221 card only five weeks away, putting a second title fight on the event would be pretty ambitious, especially considering Cyborg just fought for five rounds last weekend.

“I didn’t realize you can accept a fight that’s never been offered to you,” Anderson wrote on Instagram. “Cris nor her team have been offered a fight against me at UFC Perth by the UFC despite the rumors. The UFC are looking to book this fight, but since the UFC Perth card is already completely booked, it will not be happening in 6 weeks.

“They can say whatever, can try make me look whatever they like, try and say someone else deserves this fight, but one thing is certain: this is the only fight that needs to happens and it will happen, soon.”

Anderson was supposed to face Cyborg last July to crown a new UFC women’s featherweight champion but she was eventually pulled from the card for personal reasons.

There’s still no word on when Anderson will be cleared to return to action but it appears she’s anxious to get her shot at Cyborg and the featherweight title — it just won’t be in five weeks time at UFC 221.

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