Matt Brown
Matt Brown

Matt Brown: McGregor Deserves Criticism Despite Injury

McGregor’s Injury Decision Sparks Controversy Among Fans

Conor McGregor’s decision to withdraw from UFC 303 due to a broken toe has sparked significant discussion. McGregor emphasized that he didn’t want to fight while injured, especially against a dangerous opponent like Michael Chandler. Despite this, UFC veteran Matt Brown believes McGregor deserves criticism, given his history of mocking fighters who have pulled out due to injuries.

A Case of Hypocrisy?

McGregor’s withdrawal reminded many of his past comments about Rafael dos Anjos, who pulled out of their 2016 match due to a broken foot. Brown pointed out on his podcast, The Fighter vs. The Writer:

“Unfortunately, the initial reaction was we all remembered him and Rafael dos Anjos. Realistically, a broken toe is a perfectly fine reason to pull out of a fight. A fcking broken toe sucks. It hurts. You shouldn’t go in with injuries like that. Who knows why it happened, how it happened, the truth behind what’s actually going on because I think there’s a lot of questions on how or why or if this actually happened? Let’s just assume it is [true], you’re going to go in and fight Michael Chandler with a broken pinky toe and you can’t put your weight on it, you can’t move around, you can’t do your footwork. Foolish. Pull out of the fcking fight. No one with any sense is mad at you other than the fact that when Rafael dos Anjos did it with an actual broken foot, you were a f*cking dick about it.”

Evaluating the Injury

Brown noted that the term “broken toe” does not provide a full picture of the injury’s severity. A simple fracture is different from tendon or ligament damage, which might require a longer recovery. McGregor detailed his injury on social media, mentioning a lapse in concentration during training without full protective gear. He expressed his frustration, highlighting the financial and personal setbacks caused by the injury.



Future Implications

Brown believes McGregor’s decision was both tactical and practical, especially given his recent performance. Coming off a series of losses, McGregor couldn’t risk fighting Chandler without being fully recovered. Another loss could push McGregor into less meaningful, “sideshow” fights.

“Realistically, if he loses to Michael Chandler, his money fights from here on out would be the Jake Pauls, the f*cking sideshow shit. They’re not going to be meaningful fights, that’s what I was getting at. He’ll never have a meaningful fight again [if he loses].”


McGregor’s withdrawal has stirred mixed reactions. While some see it as a smart move to ensure full recovery, others, like Brown, see it as a case of karma catching up. Whether McGregor can bounce back and regain his former glory remains to be seen.

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