Juan Adams apologises for behaviour following Greg Hardy loss

✅ Stormed out of the cage after the TKO loss to the former NFL star ✅ "Let my emotions get the better of me"

One of the most anticipated bouts of this weekends UFC on ESPN 4 was the heavyweight match up that pitted former NFL star Greg Hardy against Juan Adams. The bout carried a lot of heat with it as Adams took issue with Hardy’s dark past regarding domestic abuse charges.

The bout itself would only last less than a minute, as Adams would shoot for a single leg takedown, not complete it, and got battered with several unanswered strikes before the ref dove in to stop the action. A visibly upset Adams then threw his mouthpiece out into the arena and proceeded to storm out of the cage.


Adams then took to Twitter to formally apologise for his actions.

“I apologize to the ufc and to the fans for the way i acted after the fight,” Adams wrote. “I let my emotions get the better of me and i acted horribly. To everyone present and watching at home i truly apologize. I took a few to the head and was caught up in the moment.”

Due to his controversial past, many fans and fighters will undoubtedly continue to take issue with Hardy. He has, though acknowledged it, and now holds two straight TKO wins in the UFC.

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