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Jon Jones Puts DC On Blast: ‘Screw Daniel Cormier’

Jon Jones has reignited his longtime feud with UFC double-weight champion Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones has never been shy of a word or two for UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and their feud seemingly isn’t over by a long stretch.

Jones will return to action on Dec. 29 when he takes on Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 232. Cormier will be stripped of the official UFC light heavyweight title when the first punch between Jones and Gustafsson is thrown and he’s been outspoken about the booking of the fight since it was officially announced back in October.

Suffice to say, Cormier wasn’t happy with the ban Jones received after he was found to have violated the USADA wellness policy during a test taken prior to their last fight at UFC 214.

Speaking to ESPN today, Jones was asked for his reaction to Cormier’s comments that Jones must’ve been guilty because he would’ve been give no punishment at all if he was innocent.

“What is my reaction to that? Can we swear on this show? Screw Daniel Cormier,” Jones said (h/t transcript MMAFighting). “Screw Daniel Cormier. My last situation was a terrible situation, steroid allegation type of thing. It wasn’t an allegation — I did have a trace amount of steroids in my body. Thank goodness went through their whole process to prove my innocence. Through science, we were able to prove that there was a very trace amount of steroids in my body. One of the people said, ‘The amount of steroids in Jon Jones’ body was like taking a pinch of salt and throwing it into an Olympic-sized swimming pool.’

“And that’s something that, we have no clue how it got into my body. We did everything in our power to figure out how it got into my body, where this came from. I’ve spent thousands of thousands of dollars throughout all of this, testing and getting supplements tested. We were still not able to figure out where it came from.

“Instead of judging and just saying, ‘Oh, this guy’s lying, because he’s always been a winner,’ you look at the science and USADA is a credible drug-testing agency,” Jones added. “They always have been. They tested Lance Armstrong and just lots of great athletes, the highest level athletes throughout history, and they don’t make mistakes. So the fact that I’m here back fighting is because they don’t make mistakes and I was able to be proven innocent.”

Will we ever see a third fight between Jones and Cormier? If the two carry on back and forth in the media like this, it’s hard to believe it won’t happen.

Watch the full interview with Jones below:

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