Smith endorses Jones’ right to retain UFC title

Amidst injury, Jones retains title, supported by rival Smith

In a significant development within the UFC heavyweight division, Anthony Smith backs injured champion Jon Jones’ decision to retain his title, stirring up controversy and debate.

Anthony Smith, a prominent figure in UFC’s light heavyweight division, publicly supports Jon Jones’ right to hold onto his UFC heavyweight title. This endorsement comes despite Jones’ recent injury, which led to the cancellation of his anticipated bout against Stipe Miocic. The UFC community is divided over Jones retaining the title during his recovery, with interim champion Tom Aspinall and others questioning this decision.


Smith, during the UFC Vegas 83 media day, emphatically stated his views, backing Jones’ track record and dedication: “Jon Jones can do whatever the fuck he wants. He’s earned that.” This sentiment highlights the respect Jones commands among his peers, despite their past rivalry.

The decision by UFC CEO Dana White to sideline Miocic until Jones’ return, bypassing a potential interim title match, adds to the drama. This move keeps the highly anticipated Jones-Miocic fight in the realm of possibility, much to the excitement and frustration of fans and fighters alike.

Smith’s comments about Jones facing Miocic, despite the existence of an interim champion, reflect the unique dynamics of UFC: “We can kind of change the rules sometimes and just give the fans and the people what they want.”

As the UFC world anticipates the return of Jon Jones, his showdown with Miocic looms large, promising a spectacle of skill and determination.

What are your thoughts on Smith’s support for Jones during his injury recovery period?

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