Jake Matthews Suffers Brutal Eye Gouge, Still Pulls Out Victory at UFC 221 (PHOTO)

Jake Matthews was able to get a win over Li Jingliang at UFC 221 despite a brutal eye gouge in the second round.

Jake Matthews had to endure a brutal eye gouge during his fight with Li Jingliang at UFC 221 but the Australian prospect still managed to come away with the win.

The foul happened in the second round when Matthews had a guillotine choke that looked like it might finish the fight but Jingliang decided to gouge his eyes to get him to release the submission.

The egregious foul didn’t even end up earning Jingliang a point deduction from the referee overseeing the bout.

While that was a brutal foul that could have earned Jingliang a disqualification, the fight was allowed to continue and Matthews made the most of the time left in the fight.

Matthews was strong on the feet and on the mat, out working Jingliang and landing several hard, stinging shots while also working his grappling game as well.

When it was over, Matthews earned the unanimous decision victory as he moves to 2-0 since returning to the welterweight division.

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