Gordon Ryan Battles Severe Health Issues: The Struggle of a BJJ Legend

Ryan's Dire Struggle with Health

The grappling world is witnessing the harrowing health battle of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu icon, Gordon Ryan. Known for his dominance in the sport, Ryan’s career has hit a significant roadblock. His recent social media posts reveal a dramatic weight loss and dire health state, attributing these issues to severe gastrointestinal problems. Despite speculation about steroid misuse, Ryan insists that his “real” muscles have kept his condition from worsening.

Ryan’s health journey has been a six-year struggle. He describes himself as bedridden and seriously ill. His Instagram post highlights a crippling month due to stomach issues, with a significant weight loss of 20 pounds, dropping to 206 pounds. However, he maintains a semblance of strength and humor despite his condition.

“No matter how many steroids you take, you can’t maintain your size” – Gordon Ryan


The grappling star’s health woes have paused a career that many considered unparalleled in BJJ. Just weeks ago, Ryan hinted at a potential hiatus from the sport, even contemplating retirement if his health doesn’t fully recover. The toll of multiple antibiotic treatments and infections, compounded by his existing stomach problems, make a return to competition unlikely this year.

“Even though I’m malnourished and dying, I’m still myself” – Gordon Ryan

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