Garbrandt, Faber accuse T.J. Dillashaw of cheap shot that may have ended Chris Holdsworth’s career

There’s certainly no love lost between Team Alpha Male and former training partner T.J. Dillashaw and it appears the bad blood runs much deeper than anything that’s been made public previously.

During an appearance on the “Joe Rogan Podcast’ on Tuesday, team founder Urijah Faber and current UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt were discussing Dillashaw’s exit from the gym when they began talking about his tendency to throw cheap shots during practice.

According to Faber and Garbrandt, Dillashaw would routinely hit sparring partners after the bell and even throw knees at opponents during strictly boxing matches inside the ring.

“T.J. was never the best teammate. He would try to hurt people,” Faber said. “He’s a very competitive guy and he has a temper. Cheap shotting. There’s no secret about T.J., we talked about it when he was still on the team also that he had to be reeled in a little bit. He’s just got a temper.”

That led to Garbrandt revealing a particularly nasty incident where he claims Dillashaw was submitted by former “Ultimate Fighter” winner Chris Holdsworth and reacted by throwing knees to the back of his head that ended with a serious concussion.

“That’s why Chris [Holdsworth] is out,” Garbrandt said. “He kneed him in the back of the head, concussion.

“We’re talking about cheap shotting. Duane [Ludwig] used to came up to Chris like ‘hey grasshopper, T.J.’s fighting can you take it easy on him?’ and Chris is a killer, just f–king him up. Chris is an animal. I guess Chris choked him out and T.J. got up and f–king kneed him in the back of his head when he was down on the mat.”

Faber was uncomfortable talking about the subject while intimating that it wasn’t a story that Holdsworth wanted to be told publicly but at that point the cat was already out of the bag.

Faber then added that incidents like that happened at least twice in practice between Dillashaw and Holdsworth.

This subject was raised once previously on social media when Garbrandt was firing back at former coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig, which then prompted a response from Holdsworth who simply added “no one ended my career” when Dillashaw’s name was brought up.

While he’s never publicly blamed Dillashaw for his injuries, Holdsworth hasn’t fought since 2014 due to suffering concussions, but has taken on an active role as one of the lead coaches at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento.



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