Dustin Poirier’s Perfect Scenario: Get UFC Gold And Then Rematch Conor McGregor

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier says he wants to capture UFC gold before fighting Conor McGregor again.

Dustin Poirier took part in a fan Q&A in Winnipeg, Canada this past weekend (available to watch on UFC Fight Pass) and as a former opponent of Conor McGrgeor, there were no end of questions asking him about a possible rematch in 2018.

Poirier is on a great run of form at 155-pounds and is within touching distance of earning himself a shot at the title. With his business with Eddie Alvarez far from over and his history with Conor McGregor widely documented, some attractive looking rematches are there for him in 2018. Speaking this weekend though, the ATT man reminded fans that it’s gold he’s focused on, not revenge.

“A rematch is something that’s fun for me because like I said, I owe Eddie Alvarez a whooping,” Poirier said. “Same thing with Conor, but I’m not in the chasing rematch business. I’m in the chasing gold business. So whoever has the belt, that’s who I want to fight, honestly.”

Should he get a rematch with the Irishman, Poirier outlined the approach he’d take and how his strategy would be different compared to when he fought him back in Sept. 2015 at UFC 178.

“Stay in his face, tire him out try and bring him to the later rounds, make him uncomfortable, don’t stay at kick boozing range with him,” Poirier said.

“I think I’m going to tire his arms out and then out strike him in the later rounds.”

Whilst a rematch with McGregor is something Poirier would like to have in the future, he’s focused on winning the UFC title first. Having a title on the line wouldn’t just make the fight a bigger spectacle, but it would also make it a lot more financially lucrative for the American who would get a bigger chunk of the fight night revenue if he had a belt strapped around his waist.

“Sure, like I said man I’d love to avenge that lost, but I’m after gold,” Poirier reiterated.

“I don’t get pay-per-view points without it so it would be nice to get the gold and then fight him. That’s the perfect scenario.”

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