Donald Cerrone ‘Pretty F***ed Up’ After Extreme Downhill Mountain Biking Accident… But He’s OK

Donald Cerrone has a new extreme sports hobby and he's already had an accident.

Donald Cerrone is a well-known lover of extreme sports and it sounds like his latest hobby is about as extreme as they come.

Speaking to the UFC Unfiltered podcast this week, Cerrone was asked what extreme sports he’d been participating in lately and he revealed that he’d recently discovered a new way to get his adrenaline pumping.

“I’ve just got into extreme downhill mountain biking,” Cerrone said. “I’ll tell you what, if someone two years ago asked me if I’d get on a mountain bike, I’d be like ‘For what? To pedal my ass off?’ Until you do it, holy s***! So that’s my new latest thing I’ve been doing. Extreme downhill mountain biking. It’s pretty impressive.”

Asked why he was drawn to extreme downhill mountain biking, Cerrone said it was a good way of combining a workout with having fun.

“The f***ing adrenaline dump that it is,” Cerrone said. “You are literally [on] a white-knuckle hold on ride, it’s fun. Plus you got to work out and pedal your ass up the hill. It’s [a] slash workout and a good time double feature.”

Cerrone fights next on Feb. 18 when he faces Yancy Medeiros at UFC Fight Night Austin. That, of course, depends on whether he can make it to the fight in one piece. Given he’s already had one accident on his mountain bike, fans better have their fingers crossed he’s a little more conservative with the rides he takes until fight night.

“Yeah I’m pretty f***ed up right now,” Cerrone said. “I wiped out and broke my frame and I got a couple of bruises on my back, but I’m going to bounce back.”

One of the people with their fingers crossed praying for Cerrone to stay healthy is UFC President, Dana White. When asked whether he thinks White approves of his new hobby, Cerrone, with a laugh, said it wasn’t likely.

“I’m sure he’s looked at my Instagram and thought, ‘That f***ing kid,’” Cerrone said.

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