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Dates and Opponents: Khamzat Chimaev Aimes for UFC Return!

✔ The star coach wants Khamzat to take it easy: "Now it will not be easier - Just tougher!" ✔ Aiming for top-ranked "Chaos" next!

UFC Swede Khamzat Chimaev will need time to recover, but his coach Andreas Michael already has a strategy in mind!

Khamzat is currently ranked third in the UFC’s official welterweight rankings after defeating Gilbert Burns during UFC 273 on April 9. The Welterweight battle is widely regarded as one of the best fights of the year and threw the UFC Swede to the top of the division. However, it was not a win that came easily, and his coach Michael was “very upset” about the way Khamzat fought.

Khamzat finally won by unanimous decision and thus continues his undefeated winning streak in the UFC. He is most likely only a fight away from a title bout and according to Allstars coach Michael, they already have a plan for the next step in Khamzat’s UFC career.

– I would like to see him fight Colby, said Andreas Michael when he visited The MMA Hour. Colby would be a good fight. We’re looking to fight the best, right? Colby is the next step up and we just keep going. I think a little differently, I do not think like an ordinary person. I think like this: We should fight the best and if we are not good enough to be there, then we should not be there! That’s how I think.

– Right now it will not be easier, it will only get tougher, the Allstars coach continued. If we can not deal with these guys that Usman has defeated, then we will have a problem. And [Khamzat] can handle them, and he will take care of them and he will win!

When will Khamzat Chimaev return to the UFC octagon?

Right now, there are only two names between Khamzat Chimaev and welterweight champion Kamaru Usman: second-ranked Leon Edwards and first-ranked “Chaos” Covington.

“Rocky” Edwards is expected to face Usman in a title bout next. If coach Michael gets what he wants, Khamzat will not compete until after the summer as he believes the Allstars representative needs time to recover from the tough fight against Burns.

However, Khamzat has made a name for himself as a fighter who wants to compete as often as possible. Michael, however, laughs and says that he will have to keep Khamzat away from the octagon – for his own good!

“This is where I have to use my experience and hold him back,” said Michael. Such fights (as against Burns) takes time for the body to recover from. I would like him to fight in September or October, somewhere. If he listens to me that is!


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