Daniel Cormier ‘Crossing His Fingers’ Brock Lesnar Stays Clean For Six Months

UFC double weight champion Daniel Cormier is keeping his fingers crossed that Brock Lesnar can stay out of trouble with USADA.

UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier his eyes on a blockbuster showdown with Brock Lesnar in early 2019 but one big hurdle still has to be jumped before that can take place; USADA.

Prior to his faceoff with Cormier at UFC 226 two weeks ago, Lesnar re-entered back into the USADA program.

According to USADA’s athlete testing history database, Lesnar has since provided one sample and will have to continue to do so on demand until Jan. 8 2019 when he will then be eligible to fight Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title.

Speaking on the Slip n’ Dip Podcast this week, Cormier gave his thoughts on Lesnar re-entering the program and whether or net trusts that the testing will be enough to keep it a clean fight.

“Well I think he had a USADA exemption or something, I’m not exactly sure, but now he’s having to be tested like every other athlete,” Cormier said. “He’s got to be tested for six straight months and trust me, they will test you.

“I’ve been tested 32 times USADA came on board, 32 times, so he’s going to get tested. If he’s clean for six months then obviously he’s not doing steroids so let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

Cormier’s second UFC title win at UFC 226 has poured plenty fuel on the fire as to who is the G.O.A.T. in MMA. The likes of Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have their supporters, but according to Cormier, only those who have kept their noses clean from USADA should be in the conversation.

“Demetrious [Johnson], Georges St-Pierre, these guys have none of these bad things tied to their names and these are the guys I should share the conversation with,” Cormier said. “I’ve never had any negatives and I’ve never had to go in front of any commission and explain why my test came up messed up. That’s why I should be in the conversation because I’ve done things the correct way.

“I’ve been tested by USADA since 2001 and I’ve never once had anything come up. It’s really not that hard to not test positive. Whether it be tainted supplements or anything else. You just don’t cheat. Don’t cheat and you don’t fail the test. It’s really not that hard.”

Watch the full interview with Cormier:

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