Dan Hardy Explains Why He Has ‘No Problem’ With The UFC Keeping Octagon Girls

UFC colour commentator Dan Hardy explains why UFC Octagon girls should stick around in the sport.

First, the PDC got rid of walk-on girls, then Formula 1 decided there was no longer a place for grid girls before grand prixs, but what about UFC Octagon Girls?

There’s been no talk whatsoever of the UFC ridding of their famous line-up of Octagon Girls, but with several others sports in the world putting an end to the careers of many of their equivalents, the question is be debated whether there is still really a need for them to be part of the live event experience.

One man who defended them this week was UFC colour commentator Dan Hardy. Speaking on the BBC MMA Show, Hardy gave his thoughts on whether he’d like to see the UFC continue using Octagon Girls and he made a compelling argument for why they should stick around.

“I don’t mind it,” Hardy said. “We can’t shy away from the fact that mixed martial arts, combat sports, does appeal to the baser instincts of humanity and that we like to see a fight.

“At the same time, as we like to see a fight and appeal to the UFC demographic which is 18-35 males, probably the same majority that are listening to his podcast as I speak, we’re appealing to their baser instincts, so you know, attractive women walking around advertising what round it is, is a good way of keeping someone that is slightly intoxicated engaged in the fight.

“I’ve no problem with it. No one is being forced into doing anything and I’ve never seen any real kind of complaints about it or as such.

“The ring girls seem to enjoy their role in the sport and they always seem quite engaged in the fights as well. I was watching the most recent card this weekend and I think it was after that guy got dropped with the solar plexus punch that stole his soul, I think you could see Arianny in the background waving the fight off and telling the referee to stop the fight because it was over. 

“They have an understanding of the fights and they play a role in engaging the fans. So, I’ve got no problem with it.”

According to UFC.com, the UFC’s Octagon girl roster currently contains Jhenny Andrade, Luciana Andrade, Carly Baker, Chrissy Blair, Arianny Celeste, Red Dela Cruz, Jamilette Gaxiola, Vanessa Hanson, Rachelle Leah, Camilla Olivera and Brittney Palmer.

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