Colby Covington Takes On a Mock Tyron Woodley At Pro Wrestling Event

Colby Covington continues to troll Tyron Woodley in an attempt to get a shot at the UFC welterweight champion

Colby Covington is still trying to get under the skin of UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

The latest attempt comes from a professional wrestling event this past weekend in New Jersey where Covington faced off with a mock Woodley named “TyQuil Woodley” in front of a packed house at WrestlePro.

Covington was announced before taking to the microphone to call out Woodley in part of the elaborate skit that saw him eventually knock out the mock version of the UFC welterweight champion.

Covington has been banging the drum for months trying to get a shot at Woodley and the welterweight title but as of now it appears he’s going to be forced to wait.

All signs are pointing towards Rafael dos Anjos getting the next shot at the belt but Covington definitely isn’t giving up hope as he continues to take shots at Woodley whenever given the opportunity.

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