Coach Colin Heron: ‘Wonderboy Needs To Worry About Darren Till More Than We Need To Worry About Him’

Team Kaobon coach Colin Heron says Stephen Thompson needs to be more worried about Darren Till than vice versa.

Team Kaobon founder and head coach Colin Heron has been with Darren Till since the start of his MMA journey and on May 27 he will look to mastermind the young Liverpudlian’s biggest win yet.

Till takes on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at the Echo Arena in 10 days time and in his latest vlog video we see him take part in his last sparring session.

Unlike the video released this time last week, Till and his sparring partner Zach Deegan are shown giving each other as good as they go.

Heron then speaks about how he has been involved in martial arts nearly all his life (since the age of 6!) and how he started Kaobon 22 years ago.

After describing Till as “having a different presence and carrying himself differently” to other fighters, Heron described how the team are training for Thompson at UFC Liverpool.

“We’ve been working more on Darren’s strengths rather than worrying too much about Wonderboy,” Heron said.

“What I do each fight is I subtly add a few elements into his pad work routine that he does with me.

“Rather than me saying ‘do this,’ I just fit it into his routine so he won’t know he’s learning anything new.

“By the end of 6 or 8 weeks he’s doing it naturally whilst he’s sparring, it’s normal to him.

“Everything I give him, I think we have the tools to cope with Wonderboy, but more importantly, we play to Darren’s strengths because Wonderboy needs to worry about Darren more than we need to worry about him.”

Watch the full video:

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