Brett Johns Stays Undefeated with Rare Calf-Slicer Submission Against Joe Soto

Brett Johns pulled off a rare calf-slicer submission to put Joe Soto away in just 30 seconds

Brett Johns isn’t getting paid by the hour.

The undefeated Welshman picked up an ultra impressive victory at “The Ultimate Fighter” 26 with a rare calf-slicer submission to put away Joe Soto just 30 seconds into the opening round on Friday night in Las Vegas.

The submission came during the first real exchange of the fight as Soto ducked down to grab onto a single leg takedown, trying to take Johns to the gorund.

Johns rolled with the takedown and caught Soto’s leg inside a grapevine of his own legs before pulling down as hard as he could to lock up the submission.

Soto held on for a second but then grimaced in pain as he tapped out, handing Johns his third win in the UFC as he moves to 15-0 overall in his career.

“I practice that move all the time,” Johns noted after getting the calf-slicer submission to put away Soto in the first round.

With three wins in a row since joining the UFC roster, Johns has certainly made the bantamweights take notice as he hopes to take on somebody in the top 10 rankings when he returns in 2018.

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