Tyron Woodley Trashes Colby Covington For Not Fighting Him at UFC 228

Tyron Woodley has moved past a potential matchup against Colby Covington after the interim welterweight champion turned down a fight against him at UFC 228 in September.

Tyron Woodley is done thinking about Colby Covington.

Back in June just after winning the interim welterweight title, Covington appeared poised to take on Woodley in what would have been one of the most highly anticipated grudge matches in recent UFC history.

Covington has spent the better part of the past two years taking numerous shots at Woodley while calling out the reigning 170-pound champion in an attempt to goad him into a fight.

There was no doubt Covington earned his shot at Woodley after he defeated Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225 but now it’s Darren Till who will get the next crack at the title on Sept. 8.

Covington was unable to face Woodley just three months after a grueling five round battle against dos Anjos while planning to have sinus surgery to repair problems that was restricting his breathing during fights.

The UFC then turned to Till for the opportunity and the undefeated British banger quickly accepted the fight as he now faces Woodley in the UFC 228 main event.

“Colby Covington can only talk so long,” Woodley said on Saturday night at UFC 227 in Los Angeles. “He got the fight. This was his fight but he needed a Claritin, he got f–king allergies so he can’t fight me? He had the same condition against [Rafael dos Anjos]. You talked yourself into a position to fight the king and now you get the shot. You should be embarrassed.”

According to Woodley, he was never all that concerned about facing Covington but he was happy to take the fight when it appeared that the grudge match was what everybody wanted to see.

At the time the UFC was looking for big fights to promote with superstars like Conor McGregor on the sidelines and Woodley felt like facing Covington would probably put a little extra coin in his pocket due to the disdain shared with his former teammate.

Now Woodley says he’s moved on from the fight with Covington and he’s only thinking about the challenge that Till presents to him on Sept. 9 in Dallas, Tex. at UFC 228.

“You guys wanted to see him get his ass kicked and I was going to do it just cause he was next up,” Woodley said about facing Covington. “I don’t have no emotion towards him. I don’t even watch his posts that he puts up. I know that 90-percent of his page is probably me, memes and talking about me but at the end of the day my focus was never really on Colby. Everybody focuses on me cause I’m the champion.

“So now that he’s basically shown us that he’s a b–ch, that he never really wanted to fight in the first place, he’s never won a millisecond of anything against me.”

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