Colby Covington Calls for UFC 230 Main Event, Tyron Woodley Responds

Colby Covington wants to face Tyron Woodley at UFC 230 and now the reigning welterweight champion has responded.

Colby Covington wants to fight in the UFC 230 main event against Tyron Woodley and the welterweight champion doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.

On Saturday night in Dallas, Woodley dispatched highly touted British slugger Darren Till in the second round with a D’arce choke in the latest defense of his UFC title

It didn’t take long afterwards before Covington was taking aim at both Woodley and Till in a series of messages on Twitter while calling for a title fight against the reigning champion at UFC 230 in New York on Nov. 3.

“Tyrone! You didn’t blow it!!! Time for you to come see me in The Garden. America’s Champ has another promise to keep,” Covington wrote on Saturday night.

“Darren Till, go home you can crushing doughboy! You were never ready for prime time junior!”

Following his win over Till, Woodley was asked about Covington, who was guaranteed the next shot at the title by UFC president Dana White earlier in the week before Saturday night’s event unfolded.

Covington was the interim welterweight champion until UFC 228 took place but he was expected to face the winner of the main event once that fight was decided.

Woodley didn’t shy away from his feelings about Covington while also adding that he’s not opposed to the fight if that’s what the UFC wants for him next.

“I’m not saying I am going to fight him because I don’t feel he deserves my platform right now. He had the chance to be here. He bitched out if you want to be honest and frank,” Woodley said about Covington. “He talked all that crap and he got in the hot seat, the second he won that belt I said come get this smoke and he got quiet. Instagram accounts got taken down for a brief moment and he didn’t say nothing.

“I think it’s an embarrassment to the sport. If that’s the next person that’s got to get the work, you won’t have to do much to get me up for that fight.”

As far as the timing goes, Woodley would be more than happy to return to Madison Square Garden in New York where UFC 230 will be held on Nov. 3.

That was the site where Woodley earned ‘Fight of the Night’ honors for his first bout against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and he sounded ready to return there for his next title defense as well.

“I think I can do it. November 3? I can do that,” Woodley said. “I can fight in November. Let me say this, I’m here to stay. It’s the Woodley-weight division. I’m excited to be back. As I told you guys before, I don’t really believe in ring rust. My mind stays sharp. I was able to train a lot of different tools that you guys saw tonight and really disguise my right hand. The more I fight, the better I get, the more comfortable I get and the more confident I get. I want to stay as active as possible.

“If November’s the date they’re looking for a main event, I think they got their guy.”

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