Darren Till Fires Back at ‘Online Trolls’ After Controversial Statement About His Family

Darren Till clarifies what he was saying about his girlfriend and daughter when speaking to the media ahead of UFC 227 this past weekend.

Darren Till knows what it takes to become a champion.

The 25-year old welterweight contender only has a few weeks remaining until he steps into the cage with champion Tyron Woodley as he attempts to win a UFC title for the first time in his career.

To prepare for a fight of that magnitude, Till knows that he has to be selfish and keep the attention all on him until he actually steps into the Octagon to face Woodley for the belt.

Till attempted to express those feelings when speaking to the media this past weekend at UFC 228 but what he ended up saying didn’t exactly paint him as the ideal boyfriend or father.

“You can’t have worries outside of this game,” Till said. “I’ve got a girlfriend who’s seven months pregnant, I don’t really care. I’ve got a daughter in Brazil who I haven’t seen for a year, I don’t really care. I just care about legacy and greatness. That’s what I’m in this for.”

In the aftermath of those comments, Till took quite a bit of criticism online for what he said but the Liverpool native responded in a new interview where he not only clarified what he meant but also fired back at the people taking shots at him for what was perceived as a controversial statement.

“It’s all about being selfish now until the eighth of September,” Till said when speaking to the Obviously Fight Talk podcast . “It’s funny, I haven’t even really read what people are saying but my girlfriend is sitting next to me right now, laughing. It comes to sort of right to stuff like that when my girlfriend is laughing and it’s offending grown men and grown women. That’s just funny s–t. It doesn’t affect them.

“Me girlfriend and me daughter, they know what’s what and she was right next to me when I was giving that interview and she was laughing. Some people just need to stop trying to be offended. All right, it might have come out as if I don’t give two s–ts but right now, it’s all about me until eighth of September. I have to be selfish enough. And after the fight, everyone knows, downtime, holidays, going to see me daughter. It’s just people wanting to be offended.”

Till knows the chance to compete for a world title is an opportunity of a lifetime so he has to put all of his focus on beating Woodley on Sept. 8.

That’s why he’s willing to put everything else in his life aside for a few more weeks so he can prepare for that fight and then Till will be more than happy to get back to being a family man again.

“People just don’t understand how it works, high level fighting,” Till said. “They look for any opportunity to be offended. It’s just online trolls who just haven’t got a clue.”

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