Dana White: UFC Is ‘the Best Live Event In All of Sports’

UFC president Dana White says there’s nothing quite like being at a live UFC event and he believes it’s better than any other sporting event in the world.

UFC president Dana White is no stranger to making bold claims when it comes to the promotion of his company and he’s added another one to his resume.

During a recent appearance on the Barstool Sports podcast, White was talking about the melee at UFC 229 where Khabib Nurmagomedov leapt over the cage to go after one of Conor McGregor’s teammates following the conclusion of their fight.

White has said numerous times how the incident was a bad look for the sport, mostly because the altercation took place in the crowd where fans in attendance could have been harmed as a result of the fighters’ actions.

Thankfully no one was hurt and the entire incident was contained in a matter of seconds but White says he never wants to disturb the relationship the UFC has with those in attendance because they come to watch the best show on Earth, not necessarily become part of the show.

In fact, White says the energy and emotion at a UFC card is unlike anything else in all of sports, which is why he believes fans get so much when attending one of their shows.

“I know this sounds completely arrogant but we’re the best live event in all of sports,” White said. “People who go to NFL games, college football, basketball, all this stuff, there’s nothing like going to a UFC event. A UFC event live is ridiculous.

“In the 18-year history of this company, I’ve never had a television executive, a sponsor, whatever it might be, come to an event and leave going ‘I don’t ever want to come to one of these again’.”

That’s definitely a strong claim to make when compared to spectator sports like college football or even soccer that draw a huge and passionate local fanbase.

Then again the NFL has seen attendance drop in recent years as many fans have said it’s a more enjoyable experience to watch the games at home rather than sit in the stands.

Obviously, White is sticking to his guns that the UFC is the best live show in all of sports and he seems to invite anyone to attend a card and then argue otherwise afterwards.

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