Colby Covington Predicts Woodley vs Till ‘Isn’t Going To Do Over 100,000 Buys’

Colby Covington wants to Tyron Woodley to defeat Darren Till and he doesn't think the pay-per-view will sell well.

Colby Covington looks set to be stripped of his interim UFC welterweight title at UFC 228, but he isn’t going to give up his belt quietly.

The current champion Tyron Woodley will meet Darren Till on Sept. 8 and Covington will be stripped of his title the second the Octagon door closes. Covington look set to be Woodley’s next challenger after securing the interim strap in June, but after undergoing an operation earlier this month, he wasn’t
ready to answer the call to face UFC 228 and thus the UFC offered the fight to Till.

Speaking this week to BJPENN Radio, Covington said the UFC should’ve waited for him to return to fitness and that they’d be regretting it once they see the pay-per-view numbers generated by Woodley vs Till.

“They don’t sell f***ing pay per views in the UK, and obviously no one cares about Woodley,” Covington said. “He always has to piggyback off Jon Jones and piggyback off Conor McGregor to make his money.

“So we know he can’t sell pay per views, so let’s be honest, this isn’t gonna do over 100,000 buys. They should have just waited for me. I would have easily got them 500,000 buys. I’m a seller. I can promote. I know what I’m doing now, and I think they rushed it.”

As for who he wants to win, Covington didn’t need a second to think about it. As far as he’s concerned, Woodley hanging onto his title would be the best possible result and he’s still hoping to face him somewhere down the line.

“I never thought I would say this, but I’m actually rooting for Woodley,” Covington said. “I want him to win because I don’t want him to fuck up everything I built.

“I built this fight with him for over a year and a half. I’ve been begging to fight him, dude, he’s ducking me every shot he can. So I’m begging for Woodley not to fuck this up.”


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