Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia Retires at 25: “Attacked from All Sides”

Garcia retires after doping scandal and personal turmoil.

Official Retirement Announcement

Ryan Garcia, the 25-year-old boxing prodigy, has announced his retirement from the sport on social media. Garcia’s decision follows a series of tumultuous events, including a positive drug test for ostarine after his victory over Devin Haney in April. Despite reclaiming his winning streak with an impressive performance against Haney, his subsequent drug test revealed traces of the performance-enhancing substance in both his A and B samples.

Impressive Comeback Overshadowed

Garcia’s win against Haney was a significant comeback after his first professional loss to Gervonta Davis. However, the New York State Athletic Commission is expected to rule against Garcia, likely invalidating his victory and imposing a suspension. In light of these events, Garcia took to X to announce his retirement, citing overwhelming personal and professional pressures.


Garcia’s Statement

“I am officially retired,” Garcia wrote. “My mom has cancer… I’m being sued… My supplements were contaminated… Going through a divorce… Devin wants my win taken away… I am attacked from all sides. Boxing will survive without me… But it sucks, I was fun for the sport… And it was fun knocking people out.”

“I will continue to train but I am hurt and done with this and everyone… The sad part is I am a fantastic boxer… And I entertain and knock people out… I am sorry because I love boxing…”

Recent Controversies

Garcia’s behavior has been erratic lately, not limited to the positive drug tests. He was recently arrested for vandalism, raising further concerns about his conduct. Fans and analysts are now questioning whether Garcia should continue competing in the sport at all.

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