khamzat chimaev
khamzat chimaev

Team Khamzat Refutes “False Rumors,” Hints at Serious Health Problems

Mystery Illness Halts Khamzat Chimaev’s UFC Comeback

Khamzat’s Mysterious Illness

UFC star Khamzat Chimaev’s health issues may be more severe than initially thought. Recently, his teammate Tam Khan took to social media to deny rumors that food poisoning was the reason behind Chimaev’s withdrawal from the fight against Robert Whittaker at UFC Saudi Arabia.

According to Khan, Chimaev’s condition is far worse than common food poisoning. Chimaev reportedly fell ill suddenly and was hospitalized in the weeks leading up to the highly anticipated match. The specifics of his illness remain undisclosed out of respect for Chimaev, but Khan emphasized the gravity of the situation.

“All these false rumors about [Khamzat] pulling out due to food poisoning are complete nonsense,” Khan wrote on social media. “I was part of the camp and saw everything behind the scenes. As a brother, I won’t reveal his dark times, but trust me when I say he was very sick and hospitalized. Seeing him in such a state was tough for all of us.”



Ongoing Health Struggles

This latest health scare is just one of many challenges Chimaev has faced in recent years. He has dealt with mumps, multiple injuries, and issues obtaining a visa to compete in the U.S., all of which have disrupted his career.

In 2021, Chimaev battled severe COVID-19 symptoms, which almost led him to retire from MMA. His current situation has reignited concerns about his long-term health and career prospects. Despite these setbacks, Chimaev remains determined, recently posting a video assuring fans of his return.

Impact on His Career

Chimaev’s persistent health issues have affected his ranking and momentum. Recently, he dropped from the tenth to the eleventh spot in the middleweight rankings. Despite the health problems, Chimaev continued to train, which might have exacerbated his condition.

His manager has also expressed concerns but remains hopeful for Chimaev’s recovery and future in the UFC. Fans and the MMA community are eagerly awaiting more updates, hoping for positive news about Chimaev’s health and eventual return to the octagon.

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