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Colby Covington to do interview with CONTROVERSIAL conservative

Never one to shy away from controversy, "welterweight champ" Colby Covington has joined conservative Candace Owens "vs. Cry-Baby liberals everywhere"

It seems Colby Covington has met his match, at least when it comes to stirring up controversy; Candace Owens. 

As one of the most outspoken and antagonistic fighters the UFC has ever seen, Colby Covington now prepares for a welterweight title bout with reigning champ Kamaru Usman at UFC 245. The event takes place December 14th, and he is stepping it up with media obligations until then. Circa two weeks ago,  it was announced that Covington would join controversial conservative figure Candace Owens for an interview.

Welterweight Champ Colby Covington and Candace Owens vs. Cry-Baby liberals everywhere. Where are my UFC fans?! Such a fun day of filming for the #CandaceOwensShow. Coming soon.

Publicerat av Candace Owens Torsdag 26 september 2019

While the post announcing the interview is two weeks old, it has not been made clear when the interview itself will air.

Owens is a controversial figure in politics. Much like Covington she is an outspoken, die-hard Donald Trump supporter. While constantly defending the US president would be enough to gain controversial status, Owens has stirred the pot on several occasions. She came under fire for controversial comments about Adolf Hitler, for example.


She has also been deemed offensive for implying that racism doesn’t exist in the United States, as well as attacking Black Lives Matter on several occasions. Not only this, but she mocked the victims of sexual assault. She began using the trending hashtag #HimToo, in regards to the Brett Kavanaugh scandal, dismissing the claims of sexual assault.

It would seem Covington and Owens have quite a bit in common in regards to their beliefs and ways of conducting oneself. The interview is sure to turn some heads when it’s finally released

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