Colby Covington slams Kamaru Usman & Tyron Woodley: “The CNN of the UFC”

✅ Colby Covington is sticking to his formula, firing shots at both welterweight champ Kamaru Usman and former champ Tyron Woodley

Not even a title shot is keeping Colby Covington from throwing shade at rival and former UFC champ Tyron Woodley. The UFC are targeting title bout between reigning welterweight champ Kamaru Usman and Covington, former interim champ, for UFC 244. While the fight is not yet official it’s clear that it’s the fight the UFC are looking to book.

Sticking to his controversial ways, Covington recently took aim at Usman, accusing him of faking injuries.

“It’s time to unify my belt with Marty Fakenewsman,” Covington told MMA Fighting, referencing Usman. “This fight has so many angles. The Palms buffet line, look at Marty Fakenewsman, he was faking an injury when he fought [Tyron] Woodley. He’s in a wheelchair after the fight with Woodley, acting like he’s hurt getting wheelchaired to the press conference and eight hours later he’s jumping me in the Palms buffet line, jumping over barricades, pushing a pregnant lady out of the way to get to me.

“It just shows how fake he is. He’s the CNN of the UFC.”


The betting lines were recently released for Usman vs Covington, showing the former as a favourite, albeit not by large margins. Covington doesn’t feel that the odds at all reflect the fight, and brings down Woodley in his explanation of why.

“I feel really bad for my friends because when the Usman [betting] line first came out, I was like a 3-to-1 underdog and all my friends were going to get rich,” Covington said. “Now I feel bad, now that the world’s seen what I’m capable of, the Vegas lines are sharp. It’s probably going to be a pick ‘em. I mean it should be me as a 3-to-1 favorite but they put credibility in Usman’s win over Woodley, which is a joke. Because Woodley’s not even a top 20 fighter anymore.”

However, Covington is still focused on Usman, and has bad intentions for when they collide.

“I’m seriously going to leave that dude fucking crippled. I’m going to fuck that dude up,” Covington said.

Usman dominated Woodley for five rounds earlier this spring, winning a clear-cut unanimous decision and the welterweight title. Usman’s win was a huge upset, as Woodley had several title defences at that point. He now has ten straight wins in the UFC.

Meanwhile, Covington has built up an impressive win streak as well. He currently holds seven straight wins, including victories over former UFC champions Rafael dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler.

UFC 244 takes place in New York City on November second. Usman vs Covington is still not official for the event.

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