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BKFC Thailand: Buakaw dominates and debutant flashes breasts after violent win!

✔ Nudity and violence when BKFC Thailand puts on another successful event!

This weekend’s BKFC Thailand 3 offered the audience an “interesting” combination of both violence and nudity!

Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek made his BKFC debut in the main event and he did it with flying colors as he shut down his opponent Erkan Varol in a violent fashion. 40-year-old Buakaw would need less than two minutes for his first BKFC win as he dominated Varol and then overwhelmed him with a flurry of body shots that sent him to the mat. Buakaw advances to two wins during the year after a longer period of inactivity. Check out Buakaw’s finish here:

In the co-main event, Surasak Sukkhamcha and Pongpisan Chunyong locked horns in battle for the BKFC featherweight title. The fight was tightly contested but Sukkhamcha would ultimately win via unanimous decision after the title bout went an extra round to determine a winner.

Despite impressive efforts from several fighters, BKFC debutant Tai Emery became the most talked about fighter of the evening. Not only for her impressive debut that saw Emery finish her opponent Rungarun Khunchai with a violent combination. After her nasty left hook finish, Emery jumped up on the ropes and surprised the audience with a celebration that left little for the imagination!

– That was an interesting celebration, the commentator said. I haven’t seen that before!

See the clip here (contains nudity)


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