Coach Urges UFC and PFL to Co-Promote Epic Ngannou vs. Jones Showdown

A historic match that could redefine the heavyweight legacy.

Coach Urges UFC and PFL to Co-Promote Epic Ngannou vs. Jones Showdown

After a close split decision in a boxing match against Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou’s coach, Eric Nicksick, is eager for a match between Ngannou and UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Nicksick voiced his desires on Wednesday, urging the UFC and PFL to collaborate for the event, suggesting it could be hosted at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Ngannou, who left the UFC to join PFL, showcased his skill by taking Tyson Fury, the lineal heavyweight champion, to a split decision in his professional boxing debut. Despite being a significant underdog, Ngannou managed to knock down and batter Fury, impressing many in the combat sports world. Meanwhile, Jon Jones, a long-time UFC heavyweight champion, has been in a potential match-up discussion with Ngannou for two years, with injuries and contract negotiations preventing it from materializing.

Nicksick expressed his desire for the dream match, stating,

“In a perfect world, for me, I still want that Jon Jones fight. Hell yeah, I do. Just because I want to compete against the best and I think Jon is the best.” He further emphasized that the fight could be beneficial for all parties involved, saying, “Everybody wins at the end of the day. The fans win. The fighters win. The promoters win.” Nicksick hopes that the UFC and PFL can set their egos aside to make the event happen, remarking, “I think Dana [White] and the UFC are smart businessmen. If the business is right, the logistics are right, I think you set your ego aside and just make it happen.”

Brendan Schaub, a former mixed martial artist, also shared his confidence in Ngannou, suggesting that he would defeat Jon Jones in MMA. He acknowledged Ngannou’s prowess by stating,

“I didn’t realize how good he was. I knew he was good, but I didn’t realize he was this talented.” Schaub also criticized the UFC’s decision to let Ngannou walk away, implying that the “greatest heavyweight” is no longer in the UFC but has instead found a home in PFL.

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