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Mike Perry involved in violent fight – Knocks out older man at bar!

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As if he wasn’t controversial enough, now Mike Perry has been involved in a fight at a bar in which a man was knocked out. Video surfaced recently of Perry and his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez leaving a bar/restaurant while having a heated argument. While leaving, Perry gets into an argument with an older man, who the UFC fighter then proceeds to assault after claims of being touched.

There is currently no context for what led to the events that transpired, the video can bee seen below.

Video: Mike Perry knocks out older man in chaotic bar fight!


Perry is certainly no stranger to controversy. From his liberal use of the N-word, antagonising Hollywood actor Michael Jai White, to his numerous feuds with other UFC fighters. He has a brash persona that has made him somewhat polarising for many fans. The video above is also not the first street fight involving Perry that has surfaced. Earlier this year yet another video emerged of Perry in a violent street fight, once again knocking out a man after an argument.

Recently he created a stir by chosing to only have his girlfriend in his corner at his latest fight. Facing Mickey Gall, Perry decided to ignore traditional coaching styles and only have Gonzalez as opposed to coaches with proper martial arts experience. Despite these unusual tactics, Perry picked up a clear-cut unanimous decision win.

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