Dana White on McGregor and Jones’ Future in UFC

“Will McGregor and Jones fight again?”

Conor McGregor’s Future

Conor McGregor, one of the UFC’s most charismatic fighters, has faced a challenging road back to the Octagon. Recently, UFC President Dana White discussed McGregor’s fighting future, emphasizing the fighter’s wealth and varied opportunities outside of MMA.

“At the end of the day, I say it all the time,” said White. “Conor is extremely wealthy, he has a lot of different options in his life.” White noted that McGregor’s return is entirely up to him: “When Conor gets that hunger back and really wants to come back and fight, it’s all up to him”.

The uncertainty surrounding McGregor’s return stems from his significant accomplishments and earnings outside the sport.

“If you look at what the guy has accomplished in such a short amount of time. The amount of money he’s made, the business opportunities he’s taking on outside of the Octagon. Conor can do whatever the hell Conor wants to do, and good for him,” White added.

Jon Jones’ Recovery and Future

Jon Jones, another legendary figure in the UFC, is recovering from an injury that postponed his anticipated fight against Stipe Miocic.

White provided an update on Jones’ condition: “He’s doing well. We’ll see him soon. We’ll see him either this summer or in the fall.”


White has previously expressed cautious optimism regarding older fighters like Jones, who have cemented their legacies and made substantial earnings.

“When I start to get these guys that are older, you know you get the guys that have cemented their legacies and made their money and done their things. You know the Jon Jones’s, the Conor McGregor’s, these guys, I’m never very optimistic as it is,” he said.

Jones’ potential return is highly anticipated, and White confirmed that the legacy fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic is still planned for 2024. This match is significant as both fighters are considered among the best in the sport, with Jones currently holding the UFC heavyweight title.


Dana White’s insights into the futures of Conor McGregor and Jon Jones highlight the unique challenges that come with managing superstar fighters. Both McGregor and Jones have left indelible marks on the sport, and their next moves are eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. While McGregor’s return hinges on his personal motivation, Jones is on track for a comeback later this year, promising more high-stakes action in the UFC.

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