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UFC boss Dana White on Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya: “I like it”

Should undefeated, newly crowned middleweight champ Israel Adesanya fight Jon Jones? UFC President Dana White weighs in on the match up

It wont happen now, but Israel Adesanya may very well challenge Jon Jones in the future. 

In the aftermath of UFC 243, undefeated Israel Adesanya emerged as a potential super star. Interestingly enough, he’s built up an intense rivalry with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, with the two going back and forth on social media. While undefeated striker Paulo Costa is deemed next in line for a shot at Adesanya’s belt, many fans are discussing a match up with Jones. Even UFC president Dana White.


In an interview with TMZ, White was clear: Costa will receive the next title shot at middleweight. However, a future bout between Jones and Adesanya isn’t off the table.

“Listen, the Jones fight is a fun fight, but the next fight is Paulo Costa. That’s the fight to make next,” White said. “But if a Jon Jones fight is possible down the line, I like it. I’m not going to lie.”

Jones is one of the UFC’s biggest draws at the moment. With Adesanya becoming a bigger star with huge mainstream potential, a fight between these two champs could be huge for the UFC. With the way their rivalry has been building up as of late, this grudge match may end up being settled sooner rather than later.

When is the right time to do Jones vs Adesanya? 

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