Century’s Bout: Fury vs Usyk for the Undisputed Title

The Ring of Fire: Boxing's Ultimate Showdown

In a historic move to crown the first undisputed heavyweight champion since 2002, Saudi Arabia has introduced a special belt for the highly anticipated clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, now scheduled for May 18th. This monumental event, sponsored by Saudi Arabia and prominently featured by Turki Alalshikh on social media, promises to make the winner the first boxer to hold all four major world heavyweight titles in the modern era.

Originally set for February 18th, the bout was postponed due to an injury Fury sustained, leading to a hefty $10 million withdrawal penalty being added to the contract to ensure commitment from both fighters. Fury is coming off a challenging fight against Francis Ngannou, while Usyk impressed with a victory over Daniel Dubois last August. Both undefeated, they’re considered among the best heavyweights to ever lace up gloves, with the upcoming match poised to solidify their legendary status in boxing history.


Turki Alalshikh on social media: “This belt will await Fury or Usyk, made especially for this match. For the first time, the four belts will be undisputed in the same match. The match of the century. Ring of Fire on May 18, 2024.”

On the $10 million withdrawal penalty: “To ensure the match goes ahead and to give Usyk some peace of mind, a new clause has been included in the contract that means anyone withdrawing from the match will have to pay ten million dollars.”

Historical significance: “The winner of the match will be the first heavyweight boxer to hold all four major world championship belts in the modern era.”

On Fury and Usyk’s records: “Both Usyk and Fury are undefeated as professionals and are considered some of the best heavyweights to ever put on a pair of gloves.”

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