Sep 9, 2023; Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA; Manel Kape (red gloves) celebrates after defeating Felipe Dos Santos (not pictured) during UFC 293 at Qudos Bank Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports

Manel Kape Snubs Israel Adesanya’s Peace Offering After UFC 293 Press Conference Clash

Tensions rise as Kape turns down Adesanya's backstage apology, fueling speculation about a potential showdown.

Manel Kape Declines Israel Adesanya‘s Backstage Apology After UFC 293 Press Conference Scuffle

In an unexpected turn of events at the UFC 293 press conference, an altercation erupted between fighters Manel Kape and Israel Adesanya. While apologies are often expected after such incidents, Kape was not in a forgiving mood.

The tension between Kape and Adesanya, two of UFC’s prominent fighters, was palpable during the UFC 293 press conference. What was meant to be a routine promotional event quickly became headline news as the two fighters locked horns. The details surrounding the origin of the dispute remain sketchy, but the aftermath was clear: Kape was visibly upset.

Trying to mend bridges, Israel Adesanya extended an olive branch, attempting to apologize to Kape backstage. Speaking on the incident, Kape said,

“He tried to apologize, but I didn’t accept. I told him we can settle it in the Octagon.”

Adesanya, not one to back down easily, seemed sincere in his approach. An inside source from the UFC camp quoted him saying, “It’s all heat of the moment. We’re fighters. Tempers flare. But I wanted to clear the air.”

The incident has stirred a buzz within the MMA community, with fans and experts alike speculating about a potential match-up between the two. Such a bout would not just be a display of technical prowess but also a battle of egos and redemption.

The altercation at UFC 293’s press conference between Manel Kape and Israel Adesanya, followed by the rejected apology, adds another layer to the ever-evolving drama of the MMA world. While it’s uncertain if the two will ever face off inside the Octagon, one thing is clear: the tension between them is far from over.

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