Josefine “Thunder” Knutsson: “I’m here to fight and give a war”

“I’m here to fight and give a war”

Las Vegas, NV – Josefine “Thunder” Knutsson, fresh off her second UFC fight, is making waves and sending a strong message to her division: she’s here to fight and she’s here to give a war.

Making a Statement in the UFC

In a recent post-fight interview, Knutsson expressed her excitement and determination. Fighting in Las Vegas, even at the UFC Apex, brings a unique energy that Knutsson deeply feels.

“I’m pretty new, this is my second fight in UFC, and now I’m 8-0. But I want everybody to know that I’m here to fight and I’m here to give a war. I just want everybody to watch out,” she declared confidently. “It’s always amazing, especially being here in Vegas. It’s just a different feeling. I can’t explain it exactly in words, but I really feel the energy from the city,” she shared.

Fight Strategy and Performance

Knutsson’s strategy was clear from the start, showcasing a variety of strikes and kicks, including the rare axe kick.

“I’m a striker. I love to stay on my feet,” she explained. She acknowledged the need to balance her striking with smart defense, especially against opponents desperate for a takedown. Reflecting on her corner’s guidance during the fight, she appreciated their honesty. “My corner is always very honest with me, and that’s what I love. They told me the first round was mine, but my opponent was desperate. That’s what I needed to hear to be ready for the next round.”

Despite her victory, Knutsson remains humble and focused on continuous improvement. She admitted to occasionally getting caught up in the heat of the moment, even when it might not be the smartest tactical choice.

“I know what I need to work on from every fight,” she noted, emphasizing her commitment to growth.



Looking Ahead

Knutsson’s ambition is clear. She aims to stay active and hopes for three more fights this year. Celebrations for Knutsson and her team are usually modest, often involving a single celebratory drink before catching an early flight home.

“I want to fight more, but I want to get a date as soon as possible so I can prepare myself smarter,” she said. Balancing her drive with wisdom learned from past injuries, she’s focused on maintaining long-term readiness. “We always say we’re going to go out and take a drink. That’s the only time I take a drink after fights,” she shared with a laugh.


As Josefine “Thunder” Knutsson continues her journey in the UFC, fans can expect to see more of her dynamic striking and relentless spirit. With her sights set on staying active and improving with each fight, the division has indeed been put on notice.


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