Alexander Gustafsson has unfinished business in the UFC light heavyweight division

After speaking with Alexander Gustafsson, it seems that the UFC's light heavyweight division still grabs his attention, as he comments on a return

At the press conference after UFC 244, UFC president Dana White said that he has been in talks with Swedish former title challenger Alexander Gustafsson. According to White Gustafsson wants to return to the UFC. As a guest fighter at AK Fighting Championship 2, MMAnytt spoke with Gustafsson, who spoke about a return, which division it would potentially occur in, the state of the light heavyweight division and more.

In regards to weight class, it’s evident that Gustafsson would want to return to light heavyweight.

“If that day comes it will be light heavyweight of course, I’ve still got stuff to do there. I have to… let’s see what happens, but not heavyweight, my thoughts are not on heavyweight, it’s more light heavyweight, IF the day comes.” 


Gustafsson also touched on a potential bout with Luke Rockhold, something he had mentioned before in an earlier interview.

“No, the Luke Rockhold thing is just, I think it blew away a little bit. He’s a tough guy and he’s a former champ in the middleweight division… No he’s a tough guy for sure, but… If I come back one day, whoever they put in front of me, I’ll just do my thing and be ready for it.” 

While he wont go out and say it, it seems that Gustafsson is itching for a return to the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

Who would you like to see Alexander Gustafsson return against?

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