Frankie Edgar Doesn’t Feel the ‘Need’ To Test the Waters at Bantamweight

Frankie Edgar still has his sights set on a featherweight championship and says there's really no need for him to explore options at bantamweight right now

Throughout his entire career, Frankie Edgar has heard that he’s too small for the weight class where he’s competing.

Despite the fact that the New Jersey native was a reigning and defending lightweight champion and remains one of the top contenders in the featherweight division, Edgar rarely escapes questions about another move down to the bantamweight division.

Prior to an injury that forced him out of his previously scheduled bout against ‘The Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung, Edgar admitted that not killing himself by cutting absurd amounts of weight has probably helped his overall longevity in the sport.

While he’ll never begrudge somebody for attempting to gain a competitive advantage through weight cutting, Edgar says that’s just never been his way.

“If you can make the weight and you can perform, all the power to you. That’s how this sport is set up. I’m not knocking anybody for that but if I wanted to be the best dieter, I’d f–king be a jockey,” Edgar said with a laugh. “I’m a little dude and I’ve always been a little dude and I think I like being the little guy in there battling the big dudes.

“I like to show that hard work and technique can overcome anything.”

Edgar won’t completely shut the door on an eventual move to bantamweight, especially if he becomes featherweight champion and there might be an opportunity win a third world title at 135 pounds.

Still, Edgar is arguably one win away from another shot at winning the 145-pound title so why should he consider a move to another division?

“I just don’t feel I need to,” Edgar said. “Could I? I probably could and maybe if an opportunity arose, maybe I would but I don’t feel the need for it.”

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