(Video) Fighter Wins Via KO, Ascends The Cage, Then Breaks Ankle Jumping Down

It's a busy weekend for MMA, but this piece of action from Almighty Fighting Championships 10 may just be the craziest thing you see all week.

There’s no shortage of MMA action this weekend but the ending of one of the fights at Almighty Fighting Championships 10 in York, England might have just provided us with one of the craziest scenes of the week.

Zak Culshaw (3-2-1 amateur) took on Zak Edwards (3-0-0 amateur) in the sixteenth bout of the AFC 10 fight card taking place at The Barbican venue in York.

Culshaw went on to win the bout via TKO in round one after landing a huge left hand and knocking Edwards down to the ma. Culshaw looked to land follow up strikes to the downed Edwards, but the referee had seen enough and waved the fight off with Edwards unable to intelligently defend himself.

Understandably, Culshaw was overjoyed with his sensational victory and with his arms aloft, he sprinted to the other side of the mat to celebrate on top of the cage.

After taking in the love from the crowd, Culsahw then jumped back down into the cage, but that’s when his night took a turn for the worse.

Landing awkwardly on his right foot, Culshaw apparently broke his ankle and he proceeded to hop to the other side of the cage to celebrate with his team.

Suffice to say, the victory will probably be enough to ease the pain this evening, next time though Zak, let’s practice the celebration as well as the left hand.

Watch the video below:

Stoppage then breaks ankle climbing the cage!!

✅ Win fight✅ Climb Cage❌ Dislocate knee Jack Culshaw's night at Almighty Fighting Championship 10.Main card live: propersport.uk/afc10ppv #MMA

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