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Nate Diaz team pursuing “legal action” against Miami Herald – For false reports

“This is utter nonsense and is irresponsible as it comes.”

As has been made clear time and time again, some of the toughest and most unfair battles occurred outside the cage. UFC welterweight star Nate Diaz was reminded of this recently, and his team are now pursuing a potential lawsuit. 

Yesterday, Florida’s The Miami Herald published a story claiming that claimed that an MMA fighter had been arrested for a domestic violence dispute, and also injured police officers. They are now risking a lawsuit as they wrongfully claimed that Nate Diaz was that fighter. The fact of the matter is, Diaz was on the other side of the United States in California. This forced The Miami Herald to retract the article.


“In an initial version of this story, the Miami Herald incorrectly reported that mixed martial arts superstar Nate Diaz had been arrested in a domestic-violence case,” the newspaper wrote in a recent statement. “The Herald apologizes for the error.”

The actual fighter in question was 31 year-old Michael Albert Nates, who holds a 3-1 record as a professional. The story being retracted didn’t stop Diaz name from being slandered, which now has lead to his lawyer Zach Rosenfield looking into a potential lawsuit.

“This is utter nonsense and is irresponsible as it comes,” Rosenfield stated. “We are exploring legal action.”

While Diaz himself hasn’t officially commented on the issue, he did make a post on instagram, clarifying that he wasn’t anywhere near where the crime occurred.

“I’m not even in Miami tho,” Diaz wrote. 

As of now, Diaz does not have a UFC fight booked. He has been called out by former lightweight title challenger Dustin Poirier but has not responded.

Should Nate Diaz team file a lawsuit against The Miami Herald?

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